WednesdayNov 23, 2022 3:26 pm

TinyGemsBreaks – CNS Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: CNSP) Seeking to Solve Unmet Need for GBM Treatment

CNS Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: CNSP) is an oncology drug development company specializing in developing anti-cancer drugs for the treatment of primary and metastatic brain and central nervous system cancer. “The first half of fiscal 2022 saw the company make a number of clinical and operational advancements in its pursuit of treatment for glioblastoma multiforme (‘GBM’), according to CNS Pharmaceuticals CEO John Climaco. The company’s focus and priorities, Climaco emphasized, are firmly anchored in the advancement of its clinical development for its drug candidate Berubicin with the aim of bringing meaningful treatment to GBM patients. And as he separately told attendees at…

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WednesdayNov 23, 2022 2:17 pm

TinyGemsBreaks – Cepton Inc. (NASDAQ: CPTN) Bridging Gap Between Lidar Concept and Deployment with NVIDIA DRIVE Sim(TM)

Cepton (NASDAQ: CPTN) recently teamed up with NVIDIA to add its lidars into NVIDIA DRIVE Sim(TM) – an end-to-end simulation platform for large-scale, accurate multi-sensor simulation that supports autonomous driving development and validation from concept to deployment. “With this collaboration, Cepton seeks to accelerate the development of lidar solutions for assisted and autonomous driving for global consumers. NVIDIA DRIVE Sim simulations enable automakers and developers to work with Cepton’s lidar models in a virtual environment to identify suitable Cepton lidar sensors for specific application needs and integrate them with other sensor technologies, such as camera and radar. They can prototype…

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FridayNov 18, 2022 12:29 pm

TinyGemsBreaks – Lexaria Bioscience Corp.’s (NASDAQ: LEXX) Potential Hypertension Treatment Poised to Provide Reprieve to Millions of Patients

Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (NASDAQ: LEXX) is developing a potential hypertension treatment with little to no side effects. “The treatment is created by processing cannabidiol (‘CBD’) using the company’s patented DehydraTECH(TM) drug delivery technology, which has been shown to substantially increase the bioavailability of active pharmaceutical ingredients (‘APIs’). In human studies, Lexaria has shown that DehydraTECH-CBD not only increases the amount of CBD in the blood by as much as 317% but also reduces blood pressure and arterial stiffness,” a recent article reads. “Lexaria hopes to prove, through registered clinical trials, that its DehydraTECH-CBD formulation has an acceptable safety and tolerability…

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TuesdayNov 15, 2022 11:00 am

TinyGemsBreaks – Freight Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: FRGT) Focused on Improving Commerce Between US and Mexico

Freight Technologies (NASDAQ: FRGT) (“Fr8Tech”) is an over-the-road (“OTR”) shipping technology investor based in Houston, Texas. The company is focused on further improving commerce between the United States and Mexico by developing solutions that make the commercial truck industry’s supply chain processes more efficient. “Fr8Tech uses automation and transparent, real-time metrics that are communicated between shippers and qualified carriers – concentrating on cross-border as well as intra-national shipping within North America’s NAFTA trade area. The company’s flagship AI-powered Fr8App B2B marketplace can be of particular significance to smaller carriers working to meet Mexico’s tight CFDI 4.0 freight compliance reporting standards…

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MondayNov 07, 2022 1:49 pm

TinyGemsBreaks – CNS Pharmaceuticals Inc.’s (NASDAQ: CNSP) Targeted ‘Finish Line Is Within Sight’ as It Pursues Potential GBM Treatment

CNS Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: CNSP) has been developing drug candidates for treating primary and metastatic brain and central nervous system cancer. “Berubicin, the company’s lead drug candidate, is a novel anthracycline in an ongoing international trail in glioblastoma (“GBM”) treatment. The interim analysis data from this potentially pivotal trial is expected in mid-2023… Berubicin was the first [anthracycline] to provide scientific data which appears to demonstrate its ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and was designed with a molecular target of topoisomerase II enzymes responsible for cleaving and recombing double-stranded DNA during cellular replication,” a recent article explains. “Since the beginning…

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FridayNov 04, 2022 2:00 pm

TinyGemsBreaks – Flora Growth Corp. (NASDAQ: FLGC) Increasing Access to Safe, Legal CBD and THC to Global Consumers

Flora Growth Corp. (NASDAQ: FLGC) is a cannabis cultivator, brand manufacturer and global distributor. “The Canadian company with a productive base of operations in Colombia’s fertile greenbelt is licensed to cultivate cannabis on a 100-hectare (about 247-acre) farming facility and then deliver its product to its GMP-certified processing facility in the nation’s capital, where beauty, phytotherapeutic and nutraceutical products are prepared for market…. Flora’s brand division is focused on developing plant-based consumer products, such as cannabinoid-infused juices, gummies, topicals, inhalables, and skin care. But the company also prioritizes the manufacture of ‘cannabinoid-derived medical formulations that can be sold domestically and…

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ThursdayNov 03, 2022 10:00 am

TinyGemsBreaks – Golden Matrix Group Inc. (NASDAQ: GMGI) Distinctive in Highly Competitive Online Gambling Space

Golden Matrix (NASDAQ: GMGI), a developer and licensor of online gaming platforms, systems and gaming content, white labels its industry-leading GM-AG System that can be custom-built from 10,000+ game options for its roughly 650 clients serving about 6.8 million end users. “The online gambling space is highly competitive, leading to most of the world’s biggest operators burning through tons of cash for marketing in a bid to try and attract (and keep) customers. That’s cash that comes straight off the bottom line, explaining why many struggle to achieve profitability. That’s certainly not the case for GMGI, which continues to experience…

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WednesdayNov 02, 2022 2:15 pm

TinyGemsBreaks – Freight Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: FRGT) Eyes Steady Growth, Traction in Distinctive Solutions

Freight Technologies (NASDAQ: FRGT) (“Fr8Tech”) has grown its operations with numerous improvements to its cloud-based marketplace that simplifies the once-complex process of international over-the-road (“OTR”) cross-border shipping. In addition, Fr8Tech is constantly exploring new ways to create value for its clients, streamline the region’s cross-border shipping process, and carry that over into respective domestic markets. Its efforts to date have yielded six distinctive solutions in its product suite: Fr8App, Fr8Radar, Fr8TMS, Fr8FMS, Fr8Data, and Fr8Fleet. A recent article reads, “The company’s focus on exploring new areas for revenue and value creation allowed for a 45% year-over-year (‘YOY’) revenue growth for…

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MondayOct 31, 2022 1:52 pm

TinyGemsBreaks – CNS Pharmaceuticals Inc.’s (NASDAQ: CNSP) Berubicin Shows Superior Performance to Other Anthracyclines, Standards of Care for GBM

CNS Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: CNSP) is a biopharmaceutical innovator staking out its own position within the competitive field of research, having already progressed to human trials evaluating its novel glioblastoma multiforme (“GBM”) solution, known as Berubicin (or WP744). “Berubicin is a patented doxorubicin (‘Dox’) analog – an anthracycline chemotherapy agent novel in its ability to cross the blood-brain barrier to target tumors directly. Tested against Dox in cancer cells, Berubicin showed a greater capacity to destroy or damage the cancers. In models evaluating intracranial gliomas, Berubicin showed a greater capacity to prolong life than temozolomide, another standard of care for GBM,”…

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MondayOct 31, 2022 1:38 pm

TinyGemsBreaks – Cepton Inc. (NASDAQ: CPTN) Secures LOI for up to $100M to Help Fund next Stage of Growth

Cepton (NASDAQ: CPTN), a Silicon Valley innovator and pioneer within high-performance lidar solutions, has rapidly emerged as a leader amongst its peers – deploying its unique capabilities across a host of different environments, ranging from traffic systems in Cape Town, South Africa, to airport terminal monitoring in the U.S. “Cepton’s long-term automotive Tier 1 partner, Koito Manufacturing Co. Ltd., recently revealed that it had provided Cepton with a letter of intent representing an investment of up to $100 million to help fund Cepton’s next stage of growth as it seeks to scale its lidar solutions for mass deployment,” a recent…

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